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Tips for Dealing With Collection Agencies

Everyone probably has to deal with a collection agency at some point. These days, collection agencies routinely contact people who don't owe a debt at all. This is, of course, the easiest situation to deal with, but even if you do owe the debt in question, dealing with the collection agency in the right way can save you money and hassle in the long run.

1. hat to do if the Debt is Not Yours (hat is the best way to deal with a collection agency?)

2. f the Debt is Yours (ow should you deal with a collection agency if the debt in question is yours?)

3. Make Sure the Debt isn't Time-Barred (ow do I know the debt isn't time-barred?)

4. If You Can't or Won't Pay: Shut Them Up with a Validation Letter (ow powerful is a validation letter and when should it be used?)

5. If You Want to Pay: Negotiate a Settlement (f you want to pay off your debt, why is it important to negotiate a settlement?)

6. protect Yourself with the FDCPA (why should you protect yourself with the FDCPA?)

If you find yourself dealing with a collection agency, stay calm. By methodically attacking the problem rather than panicking, you can often pay less than the full amount of the debt by settling or get those collection agencies that violate the law off your back by threatening to sue.

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Why It's Important to Repair your Credit

Many people are faced with poor credit ratings due to the economy, but no matter the reason, repairing your credit should be of the utmost importance. Your credit ratings affect many aspects of your life, so do your best to fix your credit to gain all the benefits.

1. How does your credit rating affect your interest rates?

2. How does your credit rating affect your insurance prices?

3. How does your credit rating affect your security deposit amount?

4. How does your credit rating affect your credit limit?

Repairing your credit rating now only gives you access to better deals for many different things. It also saves you a bunch of money. Do your best to get your credit score up.