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Credit Repair Credit Dispute Letter System

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2019 There has never been a better time in the history of the world to fix your credit. Did you know that 31 States sued the credit bureaus and you won.They say one picture is worth one-thousand words. Well one video must be worth one million words. if you want a quick video of why my publication is the best click on my name “John Harris” directly above. It will take you to my Author page. There is a quick video that explains why I think you should purchase my publication.Look, can I talk to you privately for a second. You probably know right now your credit is not very good and you see derogatory items that are yours. Well let me tell you a little secret. When I wrote this publication, I already expected that. So, don’t worry this publication covers removing derogatory accounts that are really yours. Also, don’t worry this is done legally.SYSTEM COMES WITH DISPUTE LETTER SYSTEM PRO’S USEAre you saying right now DAMM THOSE (Bleeping) CREDIT BUREAU’S? Are those Credit Bureaus stopping you from getting? AN APARTMENT: Sorry here is your damage deposit back your credit application was not approved but thanks for the $30.00 credit application fee.EMPLOYMENT: Sorry you are qualified, and we really liked your interview, but after seeing your credit report we will be going a different route.AUTOMOBILE: Well we did get you approved but unfortunately the down payment we talked about will be significantly more. Your monthly payment will also be $168 more a month. We understand that’s not financially possible for you but if things change let us know. Thanks for coming in and help yourself to a cup of coffee on your way out. HOUSE: You seem like a nice couple and it’s great you are expecting your first child soon but unfortunately, we can’t get you the mortgage we advertised everywhere. You might want to try those companies online that charge insane interest rates and want a huge deposit as well as your first-born child. Thanks for coming in and would you mind filling out a survey online about how well we served you today?Look a good friend of mine is a divorce attorney. He knows what I do so whenever we get together the subject always seems to go to credit. He told me he’s shocked at how much “spouse has bad credit” comes up during a divorce. He says it’s always an issue woman have. We have deducted that woman love to nest. They want security (I guess we didn’t have to be rocket scientists to figure that out). So anyway, STOP RIGHT NOW AND SCROLL TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE AND BUY THIS PUBLICATION SO WE CAN GET STARTED. Is that being forward enough? Seriously we are talking about the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee. So, if you are still here you might need some more convincing, I guess. Good for you… due diligence. My name is John D. Harris I could go on and on here about my experience working as a credit bureau manager, but I won’t bore you with all the details. THIS REALLY IS NOT ABOUT ME ANYWAYS. IT’S ABOUT YOU AND YOUR CREDIT. Even though your credit affects your whole life experience you probably know very little about real credit repair. Most of the books I have read online about credit repair are out of date. Or the authors don’t really know about credit repair. Let’s face it all our lives are on a clock that is always ticking. Tick Tock Tick Tock. THIS IS NOT A PRACTICE RUN. This is your one life. Every day with bad credit is a day you are not experiencing your full life experience.Imagine knowing you have great credit when you talk to the guy in the suit at the dealership. You know you will be approved for anything. People respect you because, you can get things done, you have access to CREDIT. My bet is that you know more about cooking a turkey, changing your oil, what’s on Netflix, Geography, Donald Trump, Words of a different language, Facebook, etc. THAN YOU DO ABOUT REAL CREDIT REPAIR. I guarantee you can have good creditPS: I am a real person. This is really my Publication


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