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Open Your Own Credit Repair Business! The Art Of Credit Repair 755creditscore Academy

Welcome to Financial Freedom Now: straight-forward business advice for everyday people. We provide easy-to-implement strategies and tips to have a Credit Repair Business for individuals who want to break free of debt and who hope to secure their financial future.

  • 755CreditScore Academy Training Credit Knowledge & Education
    •What is Credit? Overview of credit bureaus, scores
    •Laws & Terms / What is FCRA, FDCP, FTC and statue of limitations
    •How to manage your debt / Credit card utilization, inquiries
    •How to dispute items on a credit report / Letters, dispute addresses
    •Software needed
    •Licensing needed
    •What to expect from clients
    •What office equipment you will need
    •How to accept payments and invoicing
    •Links required for obtaining secured credit cards
    •Relationship building

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